Air Conditioning

Air conditioning system on a typical floor consists of a single air handling unit, with 23 air volume boxes located within the centre and perimeter zones (15 perimeter and 13 centre zone VAV’s). The return air is via the ceiling plenum back to the fan room located in the service core area on each floor.

Ancillary fresh air and ancillary exhaust air systems are provided for connection in the core area of each floor.

A dedicated tenant condenser water system operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week with 50mm take-offs provided on each level.

Occupancy Rate  – 1 Person per 10 sqm

Ventilation Rates – Fresh Air 5 L/s per person – Supply Air changes 6 air changes per hour

After Hours Air Conditioning –  Dial up system in operation controlled by building management system. The current  hourly rate for After Hours is $46.52 plus GST.

Cooling Towers All seven (7) Cooling towers were replaced in 2007/2008 to maximise efficiencies.